10 Ways to Design Your Website for Mobile Speed

Have you performed a mobile speed test lately? How does your website rank? A slow website can turn mobile users away. Ideally, you want your design to load just as quickly for 3G users on phones as it does for desktop users on Wi-Fi. (That’s a pretty big ask, but there are things you can go to make it happen.)

First, test your mobile speed. And then use these tips to improve your performance, and keep more users on your site longer.


1. Optimize Images

One of the biggest problems with website speed is image size. Images can actually account for most of the downloaded data on a page and by formatting and saving images the right way, you can seriously cut down on the number of bytes required to serve this information.

The easiest way to optimize images is to work with them before upload. Crop images to the necessary size and save for the web before adding them to your content management system.

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