4 Web Design Principles Hollywood Reboots Can Teach Us

At least once every day, some designer somewhere in the world will look at something made months or years ago; failing that, some executive will get the bright idea that they can make their mark on a company and the world by changing something that already exists, instead of making something new. One or both of these people might get this sort of itch in the back of their head, accompanied by a sense of dissatisfaction and ill-defined purpose.

The itch will get itchier, the dissatisfaction will grow, and the purpose will begin to form until, one day, they blurt out the words: I think we should redesign our website (and/or make a King Kong movie that focuses on the human characters).

Redesigning a site is not unlike rebooting a movie or TV show. They’re both massively complex creative endeavors that attempt to draw in an existing audience while also appealing to a new one.

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