5 Most Common Developer Portfolio Mistakes (Sponsored)

A portfolio site is one of the best marketing and sales tools you as a web developer have in your arsenal. And if it’s set up right, it’ll save you a bunch of time having to: 

  • Chase down new clients, 
  • Spend time convincing them to work with you,
  • Answer questions about your experience as a coder and what you can build,
  • Explain your background and how you got into web development,
  • Handle other repetitive and tedious sales and marketing tasks. 

The emphasis here is on setting up your portfolio site the right way. 

Your portfolio site — as a whole — needs to be a reflection of your best self. To accomplish this, you’ll want to steer clear of the 5 most common developer portfolio mistakes. 

Just keep in mind that this doesn’t have to end up being a ton of additional work. With one of Be’s pre-built portfolio sites, you can quickly create your portfolio powerhouse.

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