8 Steps to Using Live Streaming As Part of Your Content Strategy

Exposure. Engagement. Interaction. Trolls calling you horrible things in real time. You can have all of these buzzwords and more through the magic of live streaming over the Internet!

It’s not all that bad, actually. In a world where video has become increasingly dominant online, more and more people are going one step further by consuming their video live. It’s kind of like television, only it’s easier to find stuff that’s relevant to your most obscure and eccentric tastes. Want to watch someone categorize feathers? There’s probably a stream for that. Want to watch kittens just doing their thing all day long? There are a bunch of streams for that, and at the risk of losing you all forever, here’s one of them.

The benefit for any business or Internet venture is that streaming allows you to find and interact with your most passionate fans and/or customers.

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