Could Value-Based Pricing Be the Key to Higher Revenues?

Our recent survey of design and development firms revealed a tantalizing statistic: Freelancers who use value-based pricing were more likely to report annual income over $50,000 per year than freelancers who weren’t. Could it raise revenues for your practice?

Value-based pricing is charging a percentage of the additional revenue your project will generate for the client, rather than charging a fixed hourly rate. Here’s an excellent summary of how value-based pricing works and some hypothetical examples. But we’re going to show what value-based pricing has done for real-world web design and dev businesses.

Our WordPress Design and Development Pricing, Structure, and Services Survey was completed by 90 freelance web developers/designers. By cross-referencing reported revenue with those freelancers who use value-based pricing, we can show how value-based pricing worked in 2017.

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