Elenita Branding & Packaging by Nice PeopleWith Elenita’s…

With Elenita’s founders being from California and Mexico, it seemed only right to add a twist of California-cool to this classic Mexican cocktail. Inspired by the warm sunshine, Nice People created a fresh color palette to guide the rest of their brand implementation, design strategy, and print production. That brightness shines through to Elenita’s logo, which does double duty as both sunrise and an agave plant.

The wordmark and shapes were inspired after researching historic Mexican designs and were a perfect fit to showcase the cocktail’s sparkling flavor profiles. We wanted Elenita’s packaging to be part of their customer’s complete brand experience, so we made sure the upbeat vibe took center-stage as part of the can’s full-scene wrap design.

Nice People is a team of creatives passionate about designing beautiful and visually compelling brands with a story.

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