Getting Started With DOMmy.Js

DOMmy.js is a super-lightweight, standalone Javascript library, designed to work easily with the DOM and produce powerful CSS3 animations via JS.

Full disclosure: I developed DOMmy.js. And in this tutorial I want to demonstrate how it can be used to keep your webpages nice and light.

DOMmy.js has a very shallow learning curve; it’s even shallower if you have ever used an old-generation style framework such as jQuery or Prototype.

DOMmy.js isn’t a next-generation framework like Vue.js, React, or Angular; these are tools which use new technologies such as the virtual DOM, dynamic templating, and data binding; you use next-generation tools to build asyncronous applications.

DOMmy.js is a Javascript frame work for writing “classic” Javascript code, working with the DOM at the core level.

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