GitHub Now Offering Unlimited Private Repos to Free Users

GitHub has made its first really big change since Microsoft acquired it a while back, and it’s a good one for small-to-medium sized design studios, freelancers, and anyone who writes front-end code for fun and profit: Free users now get unlimited private repositories. For free. No money.

GitHub has always offered free public repositories, but you had to pay for the private ones; a move which encouraged the flourishing of open source software. But I have personally avoided using it on more than one occasion for two reasons:

  1. Who really wants people to see their code before it’s ready? That can be kind of embarrassing, especially if your the kind of person who works messy, and cleans everything up after.
  2. Sometimes you’ll be working under an NDA, or even just a handshake agreement to keep things quiet until they’re ready. Public repos kind of defeat that purpose.

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