Grab a .DEV Domain from Hover! (Sponsored)

I can say that the biggest and best changes in my professional life came from starting this blog — it was the springboard for conference speaking, open source, and joining Mozilla. I’ve always urged ever developer to have a blog to showcase talent, explore new technology, and to network. What’s the first step in getting started? Buying a domain name!

When I created this blog, the number of TLDs was small, so I opted for a .NAME domain. Luckily the TLD listing is much larger now and there’s a special domain for us web nerds: .DEV. Want a great place to get that .DEV domain? Go to Hover!

Quick Hits

  • Hover offers 300+ TLDs, many geared towards devs and people in tech (.tech, .dev, .technology, .app, etc.

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