How difficult is web designing?

In the 20th century, web design required individuals work in teams to enable a complete web design project that also required the use of web graphic design, interface design, proprietary software and search engine optimization. That was how difficult it is.

Today, technology has made possible web designing to be done by one person using a web design platform like, Wix, BoldGrid, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, and iPage Website Builder to name a few.

Before, a web designer would need to know some specialized computer languages, formats and technology protocols like HTML, Flash using animated GIFs and JavaScript for motion graphics and widgets.

But web design technology has advanced so fast that a web designer only needs to know the basic operation of a platform. The platform takes care of all the technical solutions in the design process. All that a designer has to do is to incorporate the creative elements and content of the design.

Today, web designing is challenging if one does not have the preparation to create new content and to repurpose old content. Since all the technical problems and details are taken cared of by a platform, present-day web designers need to learn advanced methods of creating and presenting content in a site.

The eventual goal of web design is to efficiently and effectively convey a person’s or group’s vision, mission, and objectives, whether it be a personal mission, a single-proprietorship business or a corporate venture. There are as many goals as there are persons and groups needing to express their objectives in the open market through the internet.

Website platforms are also called website builders since the process of enhancing the web design is already built-into the technology matrix of the platform. Examples are and Wpbeginner advises clients to be discriminating in choosing which builder would be appropriate for a beginner’s business.

WordPress, according to wpbeginner is the world’s most famous website building platform, since WordPress powers over 28% of all websites on the internet. Aside from being free and open-sourced, it is a self-hosted site that exhibits powerful features, scalability, and ease of use. Using WordPress enables you to have maximum control over the website.

In an upgraded WordPress site, you can create and publish blogs and at the same time advertise products or services from other sites. The site allows you to maximize the income streams from various sources.

In WordPress, you can build an eCommerce store, a community forum, a membership website, a social forum combined with advertising and much more.

If you have a site builder like WordPress that optimizes the technological requirements of site building, you can take advantage of the platform’s, thousands of themes for your design, including the capacity to create and build your page layout using Beaver Builder and Elementor software.

In WordPress, you can have access to 50,000 free plugins that could make your site competitive concerning functionality. These plug-ins act like smaller apps that support your site. If you are selling a product in the global market, you can have your website translated into dozens of languages. You can also design a separate site for any language.

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