How To Get More Traffic Through Link Building


For those who are into SEO, one of the skills that need to be at the top of your list is link building. This is why SEO experts need to come up with the best link building strategy in order to drive more traffic from search engines.

Links can help search engines analyze the popularity of websites and pages by looking at the number and popularity of the pages linking to them. Other parameters like spam, trust and authority are also determined. Trustworthy sites have a tendency to get linked to other trusted sites, while those spam websites get very few links from trusted sites.

The popularity and importance of a website have more links that matter. The best example is Wikipedia, which has a whole lot of various websites linking to it which makes it a popular and important website. Earning trust and authority from search engines is earned with the help of other popular and trusted link partners.  

It is also better to get links from a website from the same topic- specific community rather than off-topic websites.

There is a lot of spam on the internet right now. It is estimated that around 60% of web pages are spam. Search engines have a way to filter through this irrelevant content by measuring trust based on link graphs. It is common for spam sites link to spam sites, so it is wise to choose the sites you link to and attempt to get links from.  Getting links from high trust domains like government websites and university pages gives a huge boost to your scoring metric.

Link signals also need to be fresh. There is a metric called the FreshRank that search engines use to judge current popularity and significance. Popular sites that fail to earn new links go stale and rankings can go down. It is essential to continue to get new links over a period of time.

Link Building Strategies

Have your followers and customers link to you. It’s great for a business to have loyal partners and customers who love your product, service or brand. You must make the most out of this by linking with them by sending out partnership badges. Exchanging links is also a good way to help each other out in getting more traffic and higher ranking in search engines.

-Come up with content that inspires viral sharing. Another term for this is linkbait. This strategy includes content that leverages on being useful, sharing information and being funny to create a viral effect. The goal is to have users share it with as many as possible, which would lead the webmasters to also share via links.

Create newsworthy posts. Launching a promo that gives huge discounts or free products can attract the attention of the press, bloggers and news media in general. New product launches and some controversial topic can earn more links for your website in no time

Have your own company blog. Make sure that you come up with fresh and relevant content which gives value. Engage in conversations on the web, comment on websites with informative posts to earn links from other people who benefit from your posts and engagements.  

Get competitor backlinks. Almost everyone in your niche is actively trying to build their backlinks. There are those who have come up with a lot of them already, which is an advantage for you because all you need to do is to copy their link profiles and duplicate their strategies in earning them.

Broken link building. This is another tried and tested strategy that has been around for a long time. All you need to do is find broken links, replicate the content from the broken link and reach out to the website linking to a broken resource and suggest they fix it with your link instead.

Create free niche related tools. Some would use infographics and free guides to build backlinks and these work well. But free tools can even be more effective in attracting links. Simple tools like a calorie calculator for fitness related web pages can give value and provide a ton of new links.

It’s now time for you to try out the best link building strategy from what we shared above and be on your journey to get high search engine rankings for your website.

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