Metatags 101: A Simple Guide for Designers

One of my mottos in life, and in business is this: “If Google tells you to do something, you better get it done.”

And when it comes to using HTML meta tags for SEO, none of us should be messing around.

That said, you know how it is with Google search. The algorithms are always changing and what Google deems important one year easily falls by the wayside the next. Which is why some of the meta tags you might run into are nothing more than legacy remnants of what Google used to care about.

This guide will help you focus on the meta tags you absolutely need to use and what you can do with them.


What Are HTML Meta Tags?

The head of a web page contains a lot of information about the content found there. This is where you’ll find your HTML meta tags along with any CSS or JavaScript links that apply to the page.

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