Packaging for Agua Bendita by FuturaAgua Bendita is mezcal made…

Agua Bendita is mezcal made in Mexico and proudly original. This mezcal is dedicated to those who defy traditional norms, thus positioning themselves as a brand without rules for all adventurous souls.

We created a visual system that illustrates the values of the brand, breaking with the rules of traditional mezcal. Agua Bendita is now presented with a metaphorical and playful feel, based on the symbolisms of the Mexican religious narrative, to open a way to experimentation and celebration, because blessed are those who defy common and current norms.

Born in 2008 as an Independent Design Studio, Futura is a boutique-like workshop that seeks to redefine the Mexican design values, maintaining functionality, wit and charisma. They specialize in resource optimization paying attention to every detail. Nowadays their HQ is based in Mexico, but they have clients all over the world.

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