The Real Problem With Pre-Made Themes

Designers, developers, site owners… lend me your eyeballs for a bit. There’s something rotten in the state of pre-made website themes. Alright, I’ve offended The Bard quite enough. But you get my point, right? Themes have gotten a bad rap for a variety of reasons: they can have bloated code, content must be designed to fit in them rather than designing them to fit the content, et cetera.

But they’ve also gotten really good. Many are made to be modular, so you only use and load the code you need. People have gotten a lot better at coding things to load fast, and there’s a theme for nearly every conceivable need. So maybe it’s not as optimized as it could be, if you’re not getting Amazon levels of traffic, regular hosting should be fine, right? And again, there’s a theme for every conceivable need! It’s just so convenient.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, (mostly) wrong.

Let me tell you a little story.

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