&Walsh Brand IdentitySame kick-ass creative team. Same…

Same kick-ass creative team. Same studio on Broadway. A new look & name for their new chapter with a new vision. What did it take to brand &Walsh? Like all good things in life, it didn’t come easy. It took many talented people, two months of work, drawing 1,230 ampersands, an existential crisis, a lot of coffee, and 42 migraines.

Branding uses an ampersand for both the visual identity and tonal expression. This typographic system includes clients, projects, collaborators, experiments & endeavors: hence the (Blank) & Walsh. They’ve drawn 50 final ampersands in their style and will draw a custom ampersand drawn for every new project or team member. The ampersand is one of the most beautiful typographic characters and will challenge themselves to continuously reinvent its form.

&Walsh is a creative agency in NYC specializing in branding & advertising.

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